Zedvance Loans: Everything You Should Know

Are you in a situation where you need cash urgently? You have called family and friends and help doesn’t seem like coming through your way? This moment can be a very challenging one especially if that thing you intend to use the money for is likely to yield a financial dividend and lead to your breakthrough.

Many of us have been in this situation and when you look up and down, front and back, respite is not coming from either family or friends. What then do you do? One of the options that come easily to mind now is to make use of one of the popular digital online loan apps, Zedvance loans. 


What are Zedvance Loans?

These are loans acquired on the platform of the digital loan company, Zedvance. The company according to its mission statement is set up to meet the financial needs of Nigerians and since they understand the urgency in the needs of their customers, they put them (customers) first through their three focus areas of  Integrity, commitment, and promptness.

What is Zedvance Office Address?

 Zedvance is located at ZEDCREST CAPITAL,  Address.: 177A Ligali Ayorinde St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos.

What are Zedvance Loan Packages?

There are two packages of Zedadvance loans. They are:

  1. Zedvance Nano: This type of package enables the customer to get small amounts which are usually lower than loans obtainable from micro-financing loan platforms. This type of package is targeted for moments where customers need to obtain short-term loans. The process of this type of package takes place under  5 minutes and it is usually repayable within 15 days.
  2. Zedvance Payroll: This package is structured to empower salary earners as it grants loans to salary earners who are either employed by private or public organizations for monthly loan repayment.
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How Do Zedvance Loans Work?

There are two ways to obtain loans from Zedvance, it is either you simply apply through the official website, zedvance.com, or go to Google Playstore and download the app, Moneypal. On the website or app, input the necessary details like email address, password, BVN, phone number etc. Now, remember there are two types of packages under this scheme as stated earlier, what you will do is you will be required to select the package you are interested in after completing the necessary registration. If you choose the Zedvance payroll package, you will need to bring the following.

  1. A passport Photograph
  2. A valid means of Identification that could either be an International Passport, Driver’s Licence, or National ID card.
  3. A 6months up-to-date statement of salary account that will be sent directly from the bank to [email protected].
  4. An employee ID card.
  5. An employment Letter
  6. NUBAN Cheques or Direct Debit Mandate

However, if you are an outsourced employee or your employment is still not confirmed, you will need to have a guarantor who should be a permanent staff in your organization. After this information is reviewed and the loan company is satisfied with the documents, you should now expect your loan.

However, for Zedvance Nano, the above conditions are not necessary as all is required here is to input the necessary details and the organization after reviewing, determines the amount you need and send it to your designated account in minutes. 

Is Zedvance Legit?

Yes, Zedvance is legit. It is an organization that strives for fairplay, honesty, and integrity. It is not a fraudulent organization.

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How Much Can You Get?

Depending on the package you are applying for. In the Zedvance Nano, you can get from the range of ₦2,500 – ₦10,000. With this platform, you can get bigger loans based on your credit history. or Zedvance Payroll, you can get up to ₦5 million and pay back in up to 18 months.

Loan Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible to get a loan from Zedvance payroll, the following is required:

  1. You must be in a paid employment
  2. Your age should be between 22 and 55 years
  3. You must have an active salary account
  4. You must show proof of employment details.

The requirements and loan eligibility for Zedvance Nano are:

  1. You must be above 18 years.
  2. Have an active account that is connected to your BVN.

What is Zedvance Loan’s Interest Rate?

The interest rate of Zedavance is (12% – 45%).

How to Apply for a Zedvance Loan

To apply for a Zedvance loan, you go to online.zedvance.com and click “Apply Now”. You will need to sign up and go to apply for a loan. You can also chat with them on WhatsApp on 09060003933 or even call on 07001001000. You can also visit their office which is located at 177A, Ligali Ayorinde Street, Victoria Island.

How to Repay Zedvance Loan

You can repay Zedvance Payroll loans through cheques or direct debit mandate. You can also contact their customer service center via 07001001000 or send a mail to [email protected] for support.

To repay the Zedvance Nano loan, you should make sure that your account is well funded to enable the loan company to debit your account or you can opt to do the bank transfer by clicking on the dashboard and selecting the bank number to make the transfer.

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Digital loan apps have come to stay and just as it is said that dogs are man’s best friend so also it is safe to say that getting that cash on the Zedvance loan platform or anywhere one gets it is a lifesaver as the help is like having an oasis in the desert. That feeling is second to none. 

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